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Suffering from Teeth Grinding or Snoring At Night? Night Guard Can Help You

When sleeping, many individuals grit and clench their teeth. Most individuals are unaware that they are grinding their teeth in sleep. It is often assumed that during periods of tension, grinding will occur. We now believe that while stress can intensify but it is not the only cause. While you are sleeping, your teeth will come together about two to four times. An automatic reaction happens when there are irregularities in the chewing surfaces of your teeth by grinding to remove a spot where it is too large.

In a never-ending fight that does nothing but trigger aches and pains, the neuro-muscular system moves into high gear and extends intense pressure across the muscles of the mouth and jaw to grind away your teeth.


What's A Night Guard About?

A device called Night Guard can help you avoid the grinding of teeth. Night Guards are built to avoid the persistent, subconscious grinding that takes place at night when you are sleeping. Night guards prevent wearing and tearing of your teeth.

How to Find If You Grind Your Teeth At Night?

  • Facial Pain 7 stiff jaw
  • In the Jaw, Click Sounds (when opening & closing your mouth)
  • Sensitivity of Teeth
  • Pressure around ear
  • Headaches
  • Gum recession & bone loss around the teeth


  • Protects you from unconscious teeth grinding and clenching that can lead to chipped teeth, damaged fillings, and excessive teeth wear by acting as a cushion
  • Prevents headaches or other pain with temporomandibular disorders that may occur (TMD)
  • Schedule an appointment to get the perfect night guard in Calgary according to your needs.

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