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If you lose one of your permanent teeth, adding some sort of artificial tooth is the only way to reconstruct your smile. A Calgary dental bridge is fixed prosthesis to  replace a missing tooth, where crowns sit on natural teeth adjacent to the space and the artificial crown fills the gap.

Based on the location and number of your missing teeth, dental bridges are available in various forms. Every dental bridge is uniquely designed based on the needs of a patient. Although dental bridges are appealing and can last for years, they are usually not permanent; without the need for revision, most bridges can work properly for 10-12 years.


Bridge Attachment Procedure

It normally takes two appointments to complete the attachment process. Dr. Bhattal will be preparing the teeth on either side of the gap at the first appointment by shaving a portion of dentin and enamel.

Since the bridge must be designed very specifically to ensure the correct bite and to fit the opposing tooth, impressions of the teeth are taken and sent to a laboratory where the bridge will be built. In the meantime, teeth are covered by a temporary bridge to protect the exposed teeth. During the second appointment , temporary bridge is replaced by permanent new  bridge.

Which materials are being used for Dental Bridges?

Porcelain, gold alloys, nonprecious alloys or a mixture of these materials may be used to build bridges. Either precious or non-precious metal is also bonded to porcelain.

How should I look after my bridge?

The bridge and adjacent teeth will be kept clean by a rigorous brushing and flossing regime. As the bridge depends on the neighboring teeth for support, this is of vital importance.

If you live in Calgary and would like to learn more about your choices for tooth replacement, please contact the Academy Dental Office to arrange your personal appointment.

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