Dental Implant in Calgary, AB

Do you have a missing tooth, or does it need to be removed? A Calgary dental implant will permanently restore your smile.

While Replacing lost, rotten, and missing teeth, the Calgary dental implants allow you to avoid the bridgework and dentures. Due to bone loss, missing teeth can make you look older, cause other teeth to move, might also cause the gums to shift and shrink away from the remaining teeth, and lead teeth to over-erupt or come out of their socket to try to close the gap.

Dental implants in Calgary will help stop the aging process and restore the facial structure, stop the movement of the surrounding teeth, and restore the chewing ability.

There are 4 main steps of dental implants that each dental patient goes through. And you may need up to a year finishing them. Included are steps for Dental Implants:

  • Pre-surgical Consultation
  • Dental implant Surgery
    • Implant placement
    • Attaching abutment
    • Crown Fitting
  • Recovery
  • Follow-up appointments

Repercussions of Loss Of Teeth Without Implants:

  • Chewing difficulty: missing teeth cause chewing difficulties that could eventually lead to indigestion.
  • Adjacent teeth drifting: when there is a gap, adjacent teeth can drift into the empty spaces over-erupting adjacent teeth, resulting in food trapping and potential decay
  • Loss of support for lips
  •  Bad appearance and loss of bone: loss of facial and youthful structure due to bone resorption
  • Speech Difficulty: difficulty speaking, particularly if there are missing front teeth

Benefits of Dental implants?

  • Your chewing effectiveness can be restored through dental implants so that you can chew most foods with confidence and without discomfort.
  • Facial aesthetics restoration
  • Preservation of the structure of the remaining jawbone
  • Dental implants may be used to replace multiple missing teeth or a single lost tooth.
  • Dental implants offer an alternative to ill-fitted dentures.

Dental Implants Candidate

For almost everyone who is missing teeth or at risk of losing teeth, affordable dental implants are suitable. Occasionally, older patients express concerns that their age can prevent them from benefiting from the advantages offered by dental implants. Health is, however, more of a deciding factor than age. You can get dental implants if you are healthy enough to have a tooth removed. There are a few medical reasons why you do not obtain a dental implant as a candidate. During your consultation, your affordable dentist in Calgary will address your concern with you. When deciding whether you should get an implant to replace a missing tooth, the key limiting factor is whether there is enough bone left. With an x-ray and a detailed analysis of the oral tissues and supporting jawbone, your Calgary dentist can determine this.

How Much Will Dental Implants Cost?

The dental care needs of each patient are different and special, and the cost of your dental treatment plan will be addressed by our dentists at our Calgary dental clinic. The cost of treatment for most implants is typically equivalent to other restorations that require fixed bridgework.

We love providing our patients with exceptional care in our dental clinic Calgary while keeping prices manageable for them. We provide affordable dental implant therapy in Calgary including surgical placement and crown placement. This is because we have good procedures in place for our patients to minimize costs. Cost of Calgary Dental implants will depend on the type of implant you choose and your current oral health.

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