Dental Porcelain Veneers in Calgary

Thin layers of porcelain or ceramic are veneers which are attached to the front surface of the teeth and may preserve the appearance of natural teeth. Their surface is just as solid as the original tooth enamel, and as durable. They are a perfect way to prevent damaged teeth from further degrading.

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How can Veneers help?

Veneers are a very versatile remedy that can be used for damage to the teeth, both mild and more severe. They are perfect for cracks and chips to cover up. They can also be great for improving color of a tooth that has been stained. Sometimes they are often used for adjusting the shape of a tooth. Your veneers are customized to follow the natural contour of your original teeth.

Academy Dental Veneer process

Our Dentist sit down with you and analyze why you’re interested in veneers what you’d like to do with them. We want you to get the results you want. Bring in images that show your target smile if you have a particular look in mind. We will then tell you whether veneers can help you achieve your long-term goals and what kind of veneer works best.

Once we determine that veneers are the right option and you have agreed that the right choice for you is a veneer, we will begin to prepare your tooth. You will be given a local anesthetic, and then will shave the surface of your tooth. An impression will be made then, and the right color for the veneer will be selected. It is then sent to a dental laboratory. When the veneer has finished being produced, you will return for your second appointment. Veneers  will be bonded to your tooth by Dentist.

How Long Will Veneers Last?

Porcelain veneers will brighten your smile for well over a decade, with proper treatment.

Dr. Bhattal can ensure that your veneers are made from porcelain of the highest quality and are combined with the most sophisticated and tested materials available.

The ultra-thin porcelain veneers are nearly undetectable when bonded to the teeth and are extremely resistant to tea, coffee, and cigarette stains. Their similarity to healthy, white tooth enamel for strength and appearance is unsurpassed by other restorative choices.

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