Kids Braces in Calgary


Several kids are apprehensive about having braces. They like the concept of perfect teeth on the one hand, but they’re worried about whether the braces can cause pain and discomfort on the other hand. The good news is that orthodontic brace are not uncomfortable at all.


While orthodontic braces can help patients of any age, they appear to operate much faster on pre-teens and adolescents as they are still experiencing jaw growth.

The best approach to fixing crooked teeth is to begin with orthodontics for children early on. It’s a good idea to book an appointment with Dentist as soon as possible if your kids are having issues such as bad teeth alignment, cross bite, or overbite. As well as preventing your child from having more serious complications in the future, we will be able to assess and recognize concerns related to the growth of the teeth and jaw. This saves you the expense of costly procedures with advanced alignment problems that are needed.


Procedure for Braces

A visual inspection of the child’s teeth is initially performed by the dentist. Panoramic x-rays, (bite impressions and computer-generated photographs may be taken.

These preliminary examinations are often referred to as the “planning stage” because they allow the dentist to make a decision and plan the most appropriate treatment. The dentist may prescribe fixed orthodontic braces for a child in certain instances. It is not possible to lose, neglect or remove fixed braces at will, which ensures treatment is done quicker. Removable devices, which are less invasive, may also be used and are commonly used to fix different type of issues

Here is a quick rundown of some of the broad forms of children’s orthodontic devices used:

Fixed braces

Braces consisting of brackets connected to each individual tooth and an arch wire connecting the brackets. Usually, the brackets are made of metal, ceramic, or a translucent plastic substance. After braces have been placed, the child may have monthly visits to have the braces changed by the dentist. To help in the movement of individual teeth, orthodontic elastic bands are also attached to the braces.


Retainers are usually used in the retention phase. It is important that the teeth do not revert back to the original misalignment after the original malocclusion has been handled with braces. Wearing a retainer guarantees that the teeth preserve their correct alignment and provides a chance to stabilize the jawbone around the teeth.

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