Root Canal Treatment in Downtown Calgary

Root canals are standard procedures which can help to save the extraction of your tooth. Our Calgary dentist at Academy dental have been performing root canal procedures safely and professionally.

When the pulp becomes infected or inflamed, the blood supply to the tooth may be lost and the pulp may die. Root Canal Treatment or Rehabilitation is a recommended treatment.

We know without medication, root canal pain from infection or deterioration may be rather unbearable. Root Canal Therapy is one of the therapies that usually reduces this form of dental pain.

Your dentist in Calgary will assist you with any fears, doubts, or anxiety about your next root canal that you might feel. Our dentist at Calgary Clinic is available for root canal treatment.


Why are Root Canals Needed?

Deep cavity, fracture, or gum disease can be associated with the cause of pulp inflammation and/or infection.

Signs of Damage to the Pulpal Nerve:

  • Swelling around the tooth or on the face’s side
  • Tooth pain while eating the food.
  • Teeth sensitivity to cold or hot
  • Pain that wakes you when you sleep

Symptoms of the root canal can mimic other tooth problems. A comprehensive dental examination is necessary for dentist to evaluate your condition to diagnose the cause of pain and discuss treatment option of Root Canal procedure or other options that are present. We recognize that not every patient would choose RCT, but we believe that to make an educational decision, you should have the right details.

Root Canal Procedure at Clinic

Contrary to the assumption that it is painful to have root canal treatment, it is the pain before the procedure which create anxiety and fear. For the treatment, you are numb with an anaesthetic and our dentist aspire to provide a painless procedure.

 During treatment of Root canal chamber o mitigate a serious toothache:

  • During RCT the unhealthy tissue is removed.
  • The root canals are prepared to be filled with a biologically compatible material through disinfection & shaping processes.
  • This seal and avoids further bacterial infection of the inner portion of the tooth.
  • Temporary filling is placed where the pulp chamber has been accessed
  • Approximately 6-10 days after the dental procedure, permanent filling is placed.

Once the root canal system has been treated, tooth is covered with metal or ceramic material crown that preserves the underlying structure of the tooth and enhances its appearance while covering the tooth.

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