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There are occasions when it is essential to extract a tooth from a socket in the bone.

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Tooth Extractions and Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary

We provide quality dental care at Academy Dental, and we are compassionate to the needs of our patients. We understand the fear that certain patients may have about going to the dentist to extract a tooth or for any other kind of dental surgery. In our Dental Clinic in Calgary tooth extractions and removal of wisdom teeth is done in comfortable manner for each patient.

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Removal of Wisdom Teeth

As wisdom teeth grow, other teeth can be pushed and this can lead t lot of pain & pressurre. Since wisdom teeth usually arrive about the age of 17, before they reach their early teens, parents are advised to bring their children in for a comprehensive dental examination. Digital X-rays can help decide when and if oral surgery is needed for the removal of wisdom teeth.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction:

  • Patients have extra teeth that keep other teeth from coming in.
  • Often, to allow permanent teeth to erupt, baby teeth need to be removed.
  • People who get braces will need to remove teeth to make space for the teeth that are being put into position.
  • Due to weakened immune systems, people receiving radiation or cancer drugs can develop infected teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth, also referred to as third molars, are often removed before or after they arrive.

Extractions, Wisdom Tooth Removals and Oral Surgery Pricing

Before undertaking oral surgery, tooth extractions or the removal of wisdom teeth, many patients ask a question: how much would the operation cost? Pricing is highly dependent on the needs of individual patients, and the cost is affected by several factors. A non-surgical extraction would cost less than surgical extractions.

 Any other variables that may affect the cost of tooth extractions include:

  • Time required for the extraction and its difficulty
  • Examination or X-rays needed to diagnose the condition of the tooth
  • Type of sedation
  • Location of tooth
  • Any conditions that can make extraction process complex

If you would like exact cost of extracting a tooth or removing a wisdom tooth, contact Academy Dental Calgary. After an exam by our dentist, he will have a better idea of how much your procedure could cost.

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